Music: Light Showers

My music is often inspired by “visions” (for lack of a better term) that I see. Entire scenes will play out in my mind, and the music will come with them as a soundtrack.

For “Light Showers”, I saw a young woman walking outside during a sunny day, clad in a raincoat and carrying an umbrella. Rain begins to fall. Each drop sounds a musical tone as it lands, and after a short time, an entire symphony plays around the woman.

She smiles, removes her raincoat, and transforms into a little girl wearing a brightly-colored dress. She dances in the rain, having a wonderful time. As she dances, the same young woman from before watches the girl from a window. Her face betrays a melancholy expression, as though she is watching a dream or a memory.

The rain stops and the sun returns. The little girl dons her raincoat again, transforms back into an adult, and continues on her way.

Listen to the piano version directly on SoundCloud

Listen to the orchestral version directly on SoundCloud

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