Music: Forgotten City

I stood on a beach beneath a gray sky. A light, uncomfortably chilly breeze ruffled my nerves. I saw, in the distance, the skyline of a destroyed city. A single small boat was docked at a nearby pier. An elderly man stood on the pier and motioned for me to walk over and get into the boat. We both stepped inside, and the boat began to silently move on its own. (Was he controlling the boat with his mind? Or was the boat itself somehow alive?)

The man began to speak, though his words were completely unintelligible to me. In spite of this, I knew that he was describing, in exacting detail, the history of the city and the civilization that built it. It was as though my mind “decoded” his words after they had passed through my ears. He carried within him a deep sadness, buoyed by a “matter-of-factness,” and I somehow knew that this man was hundreds of years old.

Listen to the piano version directly on SoundCloud

Listen to the orchestral version directly on SoundCloud

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