Music: Dragonfly Dreams

For this composition, I saw a mystical dragonfly glowing an iridescent blue, flitting about a field on a sunny day. Suddenly, the day turns to night, and the dragonfly finds itself in a dark, mysterious forest with dangers lurking everywhere, and where even the laws of gravity do not apply. As it is about to be eaten by quickly-growing, carnivorous vines, daylight abruptly returns as before.

Shortly thereafter, the scene shifts again. The dragonfly now glides above the clouds, as though it is being carried along by currents in the air. It leaves wakes of bright color as it dances, and begins a bold nosedive. Suddenly, the environment twists into the forest from before, and the dragonfly again finds itself in danger. As the darkness nearly swallows it, the peaceful daytime and the vast field suddenly return. The dragonfly resumes its flight as though nothing has happened. Perhaps it simply had a series of waking dreams?

Listen to the piano version directly on SoundCloud

Listen to the orchestral version directly on SoundCloud

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